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YAX Family Genealogy
Family Members List Page 2

3. Hubert and Angelica Syre dit Cadieu

(3)HUBERT YAX and ANGELICA SYRE dit CADIEU were married 2/18/1822 in
Detroit Mi. Hubert was a fisherman and they had 4 Children.

     (4)Isidore(Ezekiel)Yax b)2/19/1824 Detroit Mi d)12/5/1919 Algonac
Mi. Married 1st Monica Thomas b)1826 Macomb County Mi.
Married 2nd Wife unknown.  Married 3rd Isabelle Morrison b)Jan 1831
Scotland d)2/12/1914 Algonac Mi.

     *Celeste Yax b)2/11/1826 Detroit Mi. Married 9/5/1842 in Detroit
Mi. to Louis Dequindre.

     Angelica Yax b)About 1827 Detroit Mi. Married 1/7/1843 in Detroit
Mi. to John Baptist Akey.

     Bridget Yax b)12/20/1834 St Clair County Mi.

4. Isidore(Ezekiel) and Monica Yax/3rd wife Isabelle Morrison

(4)ISIDORE(EZEKIEL)YAX and his first wife MONICA THOMAS had three

     Monica Yax b)11/27/1844 Detroit Mi

     *Isidore Ezekiel Yax b)5/24/1847 d)1/20/1941 Algonac Mi. Married
Elizabeth Hayes.

     *Francis Yax b)1/6/1848 Lapeer County Mi. d)5/30/1935 Lake Twp.
Mi. Married 1st 7/26/1865 Laura Yoner. Married 2nd Wife unknown.
Married 3rd 2/24/1873 Lake Twp. Mi Lydia Agnes Cobb.

Nothing is known about Isidore's 2nd wife other then that he was
married for a short time between Monica and Isabelle.


     James E. Yax b)10/19/1856 d)10/27/1873

     *Peter Yax b)7/18/1864 married 1st 4/1/1886 to Matilda Bedore
Married 2nd to Malina ?.

     *William R. Yax b)9/30/1866 d)5/1/1949 Pearl Beach Mi. Married
1st Miss Handson. Married 2nd Emaline"Emma" Coulter.

     (5)Gilbert Yax b)7/5/1868 St. Clair Mi. d)4/26/1956 Pontiac Mi.
Married 9\16\1890 in Ontario Canada to Mary Louise Meinkoth.

     *Mitchell Yax b)Oct 1873 d)3/3/1956 Married Alice Grantham.

5. Gilbert and Mary Meinkoth

It was told that (5)GILBERT YAX owned two schooner ships and sailed
up and down the St. Clair River.  (5)GILBERT YAX and MARY MEINKOTH
were married 9/16/1890 and had six children.

     (6)Julius Gilbert Richard Yax b)7/4/1892 Harsens Island Mi.
d)8/2/1963 Algonac Mi. Married 2/16/1915 in Algonac Mi. to
Mary Laura Arpan. 

     *Gilbertia Yax b)11/28/1893 d)2/25/1922 Married 6/25/1915 to
William Spencer

     *Salina Yax b)8/29/1895 Algonac Mi d)7/6/1978 Married 8/17/1915
to William Veon

     *George Gilbert Yax b)2/2/1897 d)4/2/1986 Algonac Mi. married
9/3/1919 in Clay Twp Mi. to Pearl LaParl.

     *Myrtle Yax b)12/12/1899 Harsens Island Mi. d) 10/24/1949 Harsens
Island Mi. Married 6/20/1923 to Harry Sampier.

     *James Harold Yax b)6/25/1906 d)4/26/1959 Married in 1930 to
Violet Brown.

6. Julius Gilbert Richard and Mary Laura Yax

(6)Julius Gilbert Richard Yax and Mary Laura Arpan were married
2/16/1915 in Algonac Mi. and they had 12 children.

     *Mary Louise Yax b)3/9/1915 Clay Twp Mi. d)5/12/1994
Fort Gratiot Mi. Married 4/27/1935 to Henry(Red)Smith.

     Katherine Yax b)1/21/1917 Algonac Mi. d)1/21/1917

     *Gilbert Woodrow Yax b)12/8/1918 Buffalo New York d)1/18/1955
Algonac Mi. Married 1st 3/1/1940 to Elizabeth K. Genaw.
Married 2nd Victoria Sears.

     *Charles Mitchell Yax b)December 5, 1920 Algonac Mi. d)March 7, 2001 East China Twp. Mi. Married 1/9/1950 Marine City Mi. to Shirley Minnich.

     *Owen Walter Yax b)Private Married 1st Noreen Genereaux. 
Married 2nd Evelyn Schram.

     Richard Julius Yax b)4/26/1924 Algonac Mi d)7/13/1925 Algonac Mi.

     *Justice Yax b)Private Married 11/18/1950 to Helen Kwiatkowski.

     Milton M. Yax b)8/6/1930 Algonac Mi d)10/7/1930 Algonac Mi.

     Betty Yax b)10/29/1931 Algonac Mi. d)10/29/1931 Algonac Mi.

     *Mitchell E. Yax b)Private Married 5/9/1953 in Marine City Mi. to
Rosella Kreusel.

7. Shirley and Raymond Bowers

(7)Shirley Louise Yax b)Private Married 12/26/1959 Algonac Mi. to
Raymond Stephen Bowers.

     *Hugh Andrew Yax b)Private Married 8/6/1966 in Algonac Mi. to
Evelyn Marie Dickerson.

Raymond Stephen Bowers and (7)Shirley Louise Yax were married
12/26/1959 in Algonac Mi. and had five children.

     *Raymond Stephen Bowers Jr. b)Private Married 1st 12/27/1979 to
Peggy Rinaldi.  Married 2nd 2/7/1986 to Renae Katherine Coyle.

     *Gilbert Allen Bowers b)Private Married 8/18/1992 to
Stacey Marie Hardesty.

     (8)Helen Louise Bowers b)Private Married 9/1/1984 in
Copperas Cove Tx to Robert Earl Standefer.

     Laura Mary Bowers b)Private Married 6/26/1999 in Algonac Mi to Harvey Coyle.

     Dawn Marie Bowers b)Private

Robert Earl Standefer and (8)Helen Louise Bowers were married 9/1/1984
in Copperas Cove Tx.  We have four children between the two of us.

     Robert Earl Standefer III b)Private Married 2/22/1997 in Austin
Tx. to Amanda Elizabeth Rueter.

     Erik Jay Standefer b)Private

     Shayla Noelle Standefer b)Private

     Brandy Nicole Bowers b)Private